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  • Jinan shendi Asphalt mixing plant helps the construction of Central Africa Airport Runway and Road Upgrade Project

    Recently,JINAN SHENDI LB1000 asphalt mixing plant has successfully completed the installation and no-load commissioning in Bangui, Central African Republic, and will soon be used in the reconstruction of the road section from Central African Republic PK0 to Bangui-Mpoko International Airport and ...
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  • Shendi successfully completed the remote guidance of Philippine customers

    Recently, shendi remotely guided a set of HZS120 concrete mixing plant for Philippine customers, withstood the severe test of the epidemic, and successfully put into production with heavy load, and applied it to the construction of local infrastructure development projects. In order to ensure th...
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  • Jinan Shendi products help the construction of Mingdong Expressway

    Recently, Jinan Shendi 1 set of HZS120 concrete mixing plant has been successfully used for the construction of Shandong Mingdong Expressway project, which has contributed to the infrastructure construction in Shandong. During the period, Jinan Shendi’s after-sales service staff always adh...
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  • Jinan shendi assists the joint debugging and test of the Jiangxi section of the Ganshen high-speed railway

    On September 8, CCTV News Network reported the start of joint debugging and joint testing of the Jiangxi section of the Ganshen high-speed rail. In the early stage construction of the Ganshen high-speed railway project, jinan shendi’s 2 sets HZS120 concrete mixing plants are running at ful...
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  • Jinan Shendi asphalt mixing plant enters the Mozambique market

    Jinan Shendi exported to Mozambique for the first time. The installation personnel overcame the impact of the epidemic and completed the equipment installation and commissioning. The equipment is currently operating normally, which has been well received by customers. Jinan Shendi LB series aspha...
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  • JINAN SHENDI successfully completed the remote guidance of Ethiopian equipment

    Recently, the SjHZS75-3E concrete mixing equipment remotely guided by SHENDI has successfully completed the remotely guided installation and adjustment after nearly 2 months of hard work, and has been applied to the project construction of Ethiopian customers. Due to the impact of the epidemic, ...
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  • Russian asphalt mixing plant

    Recently, Shendi Asphalt Mixing Plant has successfully arrived in the Russian Far East. Under the influence of the global epidemic, Shendi’s engineers have overcome various difficulties and through remote debugging, the equipment is currently operating normally. After Shendi’s asphal...
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  • asphalt mixing plant

    After exporting the first asphalt station equipment in Uzbekistan in 2018, Jinan Shendi Machinery has once again exported a set of LB1500 asphalt mixing equipment this year. The equipment is now officially put into production and delivered to customers, and the equipment is running normally. She...
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  • shaft-mounted JS750 mixer

    shaft-mounted JS750 mixer

    Compared with the traditional gear reducer, the shaft-mounted JS750 mixer developed by Shendi has the characteristics of stable performance, low noise, and long service life and is more convenient for use, avoiding the cumbersome manual greasing for the traditional JS750 reducer.
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  • Jinan Shendi Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Jinan Shendi Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Jinan Shendi Machinery Co., Ltd. offers our customers intuitive experience with the appearance of our Concrete batching plant &  Asphalt mixing plant in Bauma Shanghai, CTT Russia as well as China Machinery Fair.
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  • Concrete pump equipment maintenance

    Concrete pump equipment maintenance

    For mechanical equipment, regular maintenance lubrication is a necessary part of the work, concrete pump especially pays attention to daily maintenance work. Below, Minle Machinery Xiaobian simply introduces the maintenance techniques of the concrete pump: 1. Inspect the relevant items before and...
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  • Concrete pump technical knowledge

    Concrete pump technical knowledge

    Fine stone concrete mortar pump is an automatic equipment for conveying cement fine stone mortar and cement concrete. Its development has gone through two eras. The first generation is powered by mechanical force and can only transport cement mortar. In the second generation, the hydraulic pressu...
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